ANATOM 64 Multi-Slice Spiral CT


The ANATOM 64 CT scanner is the latest innovation for cardiac imaging based on Precision Platform system. The excellent design of Ahart technology which innovatively combined single sprial scan + gated imaging + mA modulation for easy heart imaging at extramely low radiation dose. We provide you ANATOM 64 Clarity/Precision of two models which are low/high congfigurations for preferences. It also offers you conventional clinical applications oflow dose, better image quality and faster exams.

Ø Modularized OptiWave HD detector features low-cost & easy maintenance, high spatial resolution and long lifetime

Ø Admir3D iterative technology delivers optimal dose efficiency and noise reduction without compromising image quality

Ø High configrations of main components ensure the best results and maximum patient throughput

Ø Uniquely and creatively uses 140kV and 80kV dual energy scan mode for brain imaging on 16-slice CT to offers you extraordinary image quality both in low and high density resolutions

Ø AdoseTM mA modulation ensures you low dose imaging without compromising image quality particularly useful in pediatric applications

Ø Equiped with dedicated Abast and Amast for bone and metal artifacts

Ø The brilliant Ahart technology enables you to experience so easy and low-dose cardiac imaging applictions

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CT Scanner-AANATOM 64

CT Scanner-AANATOM 64



CT Scanner-AANATOM 64

CT Scanner-AANATOM 64CT Scanner-AANATOM 64CT Scanner-AANATOM 64CT Scanner-AANATOM 64CT Scanner-AANATOM 64


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