OPENMARK 4000 Permanent MRI System




OPENMARK 4000 is 0.4T MRI developed by ANKE and ANALOGIC with joint efforts, a great breakthrough has been made in the performance, which makes its high-quality images comparable to high-field MRI. It’s approved by FDA and has CE mark. 

Ø With the highest system stability and the highest homogeneity of the magnet field in permanent MRI

Ø Large vertical magnet space make it possible for joint motion analysis and increase the application range of patients, for instance, the obese patients

Ø Manual rotating patient couch  facilitate the access of senior persons, critical patients and comatose patients
      Motor-driven patient couch makes it easy for positioning

Ø Powerful hardware and software platforms ensure the scan speed, image quality and make it possible for advanced imaging functions

Ø Rich scan sequences, advanced imaging technology and powerful post-processing technology ensure image quality, extend more applications, which can fully satisfy the clinical needs.

Ø Intelligent user-friendly APEX operating system ensures you easy operation 
Ø 320 maximum openness allows the widest possible view and reduces the feelings of nervousness and claustrophobia, which improves the scan efficiency and ensures image quality



Ø Various phased array coils


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